Aged 48, Béatrice Braun has always had an eye for what makes the world tick.

The mother of two daughters, she often asked herself how she could be present, near them, when the time came. What gesture could replace the words she feared would seem so out of place.

Her experience: Having studied abroad (mainly in Spain) and spent ten years with Nestlé, Béatrice Braun has always been open to others and sensitive to their needs and wishes. She has always searched for ideas that hit home, details that give colour to life. The MoonBox concept follows the same lines: the little something that makes all the difference.

«I like the idea of a little box that’s soft and protective that accompanies us on days when we have our period. It’s a time when women want to pamper themselves. I wanted to design an object that resembles us: a MoonBox we can all keep in our bags, like a symbol of the bond between women.»