Why «Moon», what is this reference to the moon?
Because menstrual cycles are related to lunar cycles. Here, there is a way of associating women with their basic energy, of enriching their lives with continuity, a heritage passed from one woman to another. Even though the medium is modern – through its design and materials - the MoonBox is the emblem of eternal femininity. And the moon theme is a metaphor filled with poetry...

Are periods still taboo?
As in all things concerning intimacy and the body, there is a tendency to be more open about periods. Nonetheless, the words are still difficult and relatively ungainly. The many metaphors - the monthlies, the usual, etc – are hardly an invitation to eloquence. It’s here in particular that the passing on of experience is fundamental. Girls enter a new world and it’s up to the women in their lives to offer encouragement, tenderness and guidance. The MoonBox is designed to assist this sharing of experience, by becoming a vehicle for communication between women. With gestures and gifts, words come more easily.