Why a MoonBox?
Because periods are still a difficult subject to broach and slightly taboo, and when a woman wishes to speak to her daughter about them, an object or a symbol is often easier than a long description. Because more recently, pubescent schoolchildren rarely carry handbags with them, and a rigid case thatís easy to handle can easily fit inside a school bag. It can be removed easily, carried discreetly, or slipped into a pocket.

This box is a small revolution in intimacy, ensuring that accessories indispensable during menstruation are to hand in a discreet and elegant way.

The MoonBox is manufactured from semi-rigid plastic and measures 10x10cm. It is sold (empty) mainly in chemists in Switzerland, priced at CH 9.90, and on this web site. Available in 6 colours (mint green, lilac, light blue, black, white and purple) with 18 decorative finishes.

What makes the MoonBox so innovative?
Of course, many producers of tampons or sanitary towels make available containers for their products. The MoonBox is different. It is not related to a brand, but to a stage in a womanís life. More than a product, it is a state of mind.

So is menstruation now giving rise to a whole range of spin-off products?
Aside from products offering ever higher levels of absorbency and discretion, there are few accessories to accompany these difficult days. Our idea is to lighten the mood of this monthly occurrence.